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  The Wheel of Life



The Wheel of Life is a simple and powerful tool for you to evaluate your current personal or professional position and to raise awareness and gain focus regarding a wide range of possible areas for coaching.  It is a great place to start our coaching conversation.
Gro(w)th Coaches offers you several Wheel of Life tools that reflect a wide range of possibilities for you personally, professionally, and for your organization.  You can even customize your own Wheel of Life by choosing the blank template from the menu and then add the categories that are most useful to you.  It all works!
After your personal or professional Wheel of Life has been created, print it and then take some time to think about the questions that follow.  The powerful questions challenge you with playful metaphor, a common coaching technique. And when you are ready to, contact Gary for a complimentary coaching session.  All you need to bring is your printed Wheel of Life and a curiosity for where coaching can take you.
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Come back often to use the Wheel of Life tool!   And try the Assessment tools also.


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