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TestimonialsOh, the dirty word of a non-profit… the “R” word… retreat! Non-profit leaders will frequently schedule the annual planning/team building/goal setting retreat with their staff or board, and rarely does anyone want to attend. A lot of time, energy, and money is spent with questionable return. The very thought of flip charts, markers, “reporting out” activities, and outside consultants can be an energy drain. Can you relate?

In fact, retreats are not necessarily the problem; how we design them is. What people and teams don’t want to do again is talk about planning or branding or leadership or team building…People want to do something!

So here’s an idea… Let’s take your leadership retreat outside!

In addition to being a certified professional coach, I am also a snowboarding instructor. I have taught hundreds of students from young children to grandparents (accompanied by their grandchildren) to free ride on their snowboards. I have even gotten these students into the terrain park and into the half pipe. Imagine the co-existence of skill building and fun, building trust and having laughter.

Snowboarding is a beautiful metaphor for work in non-profit organizations. It can be scary, it’s unpredictable, and success is often dependent upon outside influences. The activity is equipment-dependent (a snowboarder and the snowboard are strapped together in the same way the staff and the governing board are “strapped” together), and often the quality of the equipment has great impact on the user’s ability and skillfulness. I can assure you, playing in the metaphor of snowboarding and leadership will leave you open to all sorts of possibility for your organization.

Let’s design a day-long program together where we plan and strategize and indulge your individual or group needs before the world’s needs. We will focus on your agenda in an uninterrupted space so you can be clear, be renewed, re-engage, and take a few risks in the process.

Let’s redesign the concept of retreat so the maximum fun and productivity can emerge. Call to design your personalized Me-Treat or We-Treat.


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