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The extensive coaching training I have received, when informed by over twenty years working with non-profit organizations, has provided me with the skills to work with individuals, personal relationships and professional partnerships, and groups.

Coaching is described in varying language depending upon the audience the coach is working with. Executive coaching uses language that is very different from life coaching, and yet the act of coaching is very similar. Coaching is about working with clients to clarify their values, to hold and work with a focused agenda, to hold the client accountable for stretching and reaching their goals. Coaching illuminates different perspectives for the client as they face problem solving. Coaching can trigger a person’s potential to live fully in their choices and maximize performance.

The coach and client will co-create their partnership alliance; they will set the coaching agenda and the direction the coaching will go. Generally the coaching begins with a clarification of values, vision, and purpose. Clients will then focus on the choices they make and look at other perspectives that may inform new and different choices. We focus on making these choices real, measurable, achievable, and how the client will be held accountable.

A professional coach is trained and certified by a coaching institution that is accredited by the International Coach Federation. A professional coach will adhere to the ethics guidelines of the ICF as well. We are trained to listen, observe, inquire, question, challenge, and motivate our clients on their personal agenda. Coaches will draw from their experience and training—bringing forth tools, homework, dares, challenges, opportunities, structures, and a variety of other skills and techniques—to bring discovery, fulfillment, and balance to a client.

The coaching begins with the client being whole, not broken. Coaching is not about fixing a client; rather, coaching is about working in partnership with the client toward the goals they have established for themselves. The beauty of coaching is the ongoing, regular contact between the client and coach to actually process and support the change. Coaching is not trial and error after reading a book. It is about partnership, support, and accountability.

Coaching takes time. What ever is on the client’s agenda built over time and it will take time to change. Coaching brings forward the large truths. Not “how do I fix this?” but “what’s in the way of my being able to fix this?” Coaching looks at deep systemic and cultural change.

Coaching is a powerful partnership for your personal and professional development. As a result of your commitment to coaching, you will find a greater sense of positive well-being and that will affect your performance. Professional coaching helps individuals and organizations clarify their vision, establish a course of action and sustain momentum toward goals. The coaching relationship provides a structure for progress, reflection and evaluation, producing results that align with your personal and professional values and priorities.


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