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TestimonialsThere are as many ways to be coached as there are coaches. It’s pretty exciting! I am often found through a generous network of colleagues and friends and as a result of the training and facilitation work I perform in the non-profit world.

Our coaching relationship will be designed by us! It will look exactly the way you want it to look. After an initial 2 hour session where we will develop your coaching plan, we will follow up with regular coaching calls. On-going Gro(w)th Coaching is accomplished through two hours of coaching per month and in a schedule that works for our relationship. Clients often schedule 4 weekly sessions for 30 minutes each or 3 sessions for 40 minutes each or 2 sessions for 60 minutes each. It is a decision that is entirely based upon how your schedule works and what amount of time is most supportive of your meeting your goals.

We will meet on the phone and with some clients I have experimented with on-line video conferencing and in some cases, I have met with clients in person. I had a client who lived in my community and while in career transition, she suffered from inactivity and isolation. She rose to my challenge of a one-hour long power walk coaching session around the nearby lake. She got great coaching, focused on fitness and weight loss, and quickly found a job! I also welcome a reasonable amount of e-mail and instant messaging support which are included in the monthly fee. Payment can either be by check or credit card at the beginning of the coaching month.


My personal values as discovered in my very first coaching session still resonate—loudly—today!

• Integrity
• Connection
• Engagement
• Service
• Depth
• Inclusiveness
• Impact

We will spend out first few sessions working on your agenda and also clarifying what you hope to get from and put into our coaching relationship. One of the many things the coaching relationship can be for you is a mirror for how you are in relationship with others. Consider: How you are in your coaching relationship might be a reflection of how you are in other relationships in your life. Are you on time and prepared? Are you able to speak up? Can you laugh and play? Do you follow through and are you accountable?

We will look at exactly what you want to accomplish in coaching so we have a reference point as we proceed for how we are doing. We will use a variety of effective (and fun) tools to assess what your current values, skills, passions, limiting beliefs, goals, and personal and professional strategies are and what you want to learn. We will map out your plan.

We will explore the barriers in your life that keep you from stepping fully into your life. We can look at your fears, insecurities, insufficient skills, and other factors that keep you behind where you want to be. We will look at how your external environment either supports or detracts from your success.

You can count on a coaching relationship that includes your dynamic agenda, playfulness, use of metaphor, skill building exercises, movement, truth and intuition, challenges, homework, making accountability, brainstorming perspectives, making requests, goal setting and revisions, exploration of new aspects of living, kind pushing, and a lot of fun! Your coach is your champion and skilled witness to your life.

These first few coaching sessions will be a nice expansion of our initial 2 hour session. You will see many of the same themes arise in different ways as we develop our strategy for action. We will get to know each other and we will design our special and collaborative relationship that will support our ongoing work together.


There are occasions when you will want extra sessions. We can negotiate what that looks like when the moment arises. Know your coach is available to support you outside of our scheduled calls by telephone or other convenient method. Extra sessions should be scheduled with as much lead time as possible, although I will make every attempt to fit in urgent situations.


As the client feels they have met their goals, we will begin a process of completion—the completing of the coaching relationship. We will focus our attention on the goals we established in the beginning of the coaching relationship and how they were met throughout the course of the coaching. We will put into place important structures for continuing the work and we will look at what moving forward looks like.


The coaching relationship can be reignited with little effort! Your coach is always available. After completion there may be a desire to come back to coaching for a session or two. We will quickly re-establish our designed partnership alliance and then jump into your topics. Easy!  



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