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All of my services—coaching, consulting, training, facilitating, and leading workshops—including rates, schedules, and agendas are co-created. Please inquire about my coaching rates and how we can make this relationship work for you.

As part of our fee or service agreement, I will send you a written outline of the commitments we have made and I will include a confidentiality agreement.

If you have special coaching needs or have financial hardships, I will do what I can to design a special package to fit your needs and budget. I believe coaching is a valuable tool for anybody willing to work hard to live and work bigger even when our circumstances might prevent us from accessing it. Your first job is to ask for support.

GIFTS (A gift that keeps on giving)

Coaching is the perfect gift for a person or group who desires something more! Gro(w)th Coaches will send a card and attractive certificate for coaching sessions at your request. Consider making a gift of a series of coaching sessions or even a one-time session where we can work on a particular issue or skill.


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