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Co-Active Coaching

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My professional passion is for non-profit organizations and the people who love them. I have always been amazed by the power of generosity and service and the impact both can have on individual lives and in communities. What motivates me in this area is recognizing the challenges these well meaning organizations face and the direct impact these challenges have on the consumers of the services they offer. My goal is supporting non-profit organizations to be the best they can be in service of healthy people and sustainable communities.

I have been called a very “edgy” coach, willing to go to the edge with a client and then gently push them off (sometimes not so gentle but always kind!). I rely on all of my training and bring the power of these skills and tools into my coaching. I value accountability, structures, and homework for my clients. I bring a deep spontaneity to my coaching—it is always the client’s agenda and I will draw from all of my training and my experience given whatever shows up. I am not unwilling to shift the course of the coaching if the direction seems to be going nowhere. I want my clients to get value from the time spent. I will go to the edge with my clients and am unafraid to push

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