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Co-Active Coaching

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What is Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching?

TestimonialsBorn of the Coaches Training Institute and now the focal point of the world renowned Center for Right Relationship, the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching model is the most comprehensive training for Relationship Systems Coaching to date and the only ICF accredited Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Program. This relationship coaching model shifts the focus from the individuals in the system to the relationship itself: an important player called, the Third Entity™. Trained Relationship Systems coaches work directly with the system rather than do individual work within the group.

The Four Cornerstones of Co-Active Relationship Coaching

  1. The client is the relationship. The agenda comes from the client, and the relationship is the client. Regardless of where the focus of coaching will be, it is in service of the whole relationship system. The task of the relationship coach is to help unfold the relationship agenda rather than the individual’s agenda.

  2. Naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Each individual is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and the entity that is the relationship is naturally creative resourceful and whole.

  3. Whole relationship system. Co-Active Relationship Coaching addresses the whole relationship system—you, me, and us—rather than aspects or single events in the relationship. It is important to include all members the system.

  4. Conscious, intentional relationship. Partners create a designed alliance between and among each other, and the coach creates a designed alliance with that, the designed partnership alliance, for the sake of creating conscious, intentional relationship. The evolution of the relationship is a deliberate and Co-Active venture. Relationships are naturally generative. They will always be creating agendas. The question is not “who is doing what to whom?” but “what is trying to happen for the client (relationship)?” Partners can choose what is generated.

Please visit the Center for Right Relationship if you want more detailed information about Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching and its new certification program.

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