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TestimonialsI have been a professional fundraiser and consultant specializing in capacity building and volunteer board leadership development for more than twenty years, and have raised funds for many social service organizations as a staff member and as a consultant. My experience has been as a solid generalist fundraiser with special expertise in individual/major giving, donor prospect research and management, board leadership development, and strategic planning. I also have a well-deserved reputation for being able to make accessible to small non-profit organizations the fundraising, planning, and governance techniques often only available to large, well-established charitable institutions.


I work with individuals, partnerships, and groups connected to non-profit organizations. I coach volunteers (board members and project volunteers), staff members, and donors to non-profit organizations. My coaching is deeply informed by my professional experience in non-profit work.

I have completed advanced training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, the training curricula offered by the Center for Right Relationship. My practice includes extensive relationship and group coaching. For example, I coach executive directors and several board chairs/presidents, the co-chairs of a development committee, a strategic planning leadership team, and full boards of directors.


Coaching in the community of non-profit organizations can be very challenging and exceptionally rewarding.

  • An executive director of a growing non-profit organization has ongoing conflict with the president of the board of directors who is also the founder and a major philanthropic benefactor to the organization. Through on-going individual and relationship coaching with the executive director and board president we were able to untangle the various roles within the organization in order to proceed with a strategic planning process and board leadership development program.

  • After working with many outside consultants to provide a variety of products to this national non-profit organization—fundraising training, strategic planning, re-branding planning—the senior staff and volunteer leaders were still stuck. None of the tools offered could get them through the systemic blockage. Through many months of targeted coaching throughout the leadership team, the organization’s leadership is finally meeting critical goals because they fully understand their roles and their impact within the organization.

  • A client who works for a large software company has been struggling with life purpose. This client wants to know his daily efforts amount to something important to the world. With intense one-on-one coaching sessions, this client has come to realize that he can be perfectly happy at work doing his job and knowing the impact is important although not obviously “world condition changing” and direct his passion for deeper impact to his volunteer efforts outside of work.



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