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Since you are here, you must be looking for a professional coach to partner with you as you grow your life, grow your partnership, or grow your organization.

Welcome to Gro(w)th Coaches!

I am the founder and president of Gro(w)th Coaches, LLC, a private coaching practice that works with courageous staff, volunteers, donors, and clients of non-profit organizations. I have been a professional fundraiser and consultant specializing in capacity building and volunteer board leadership development for more than twenty years. Today, I blend that experience along with my professional coaching training to bring my clients insight, awareness, and skill-building that will help them fully leverage their capacity to make powerful changes in their organizations and in the world.

We know changing the world can be a challenge. Today’s non-profit leaders are required to do more with less, often the beginning of a spiral that feels like disappointment, frustration, and ineffectiveness. On the practical side, these feelings often show up as stuck boards, unmet fundraising goals, high staff turnover, and poor client satisfaction. Our hope to change the world and make a difference in the lives of people seems so far off, often unreachable.

Working together in a professional coaching partnership and focusing our efforts on your personal growth as well as in the areas of resource development, leadership and organization development, and long-range planning can dramatically enhance the results you want to achieve. We will identify your goals, look at the blockages that exist, clarify or design strategies to achieve the goals, and create methods for measuring impact. We will move forward!

Coaching will take you well beyond “if I only had more money…” or “if the board/staff was more committed…” We will work together to notice what’s possible with the resources you currently have and to find ways to grow those resources. And we will create new resources and increase skillfulness. We will look at the barriers in the way of creating meaningful impact and we will challenge these barriers together.

Are you ready to take the next step?

I’m glad you’re here to explore the site!

Gary M. Groth, CPCC


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